"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

"I am astounded at how quickly my body responded to the changes I have implemented with America's guidance. My very demanding job had me depleted of energy by 2-3 pm and my sleep was not restful at all. I now feel alive through the day and I don't crash at 2-3 pm anymore and I now get restful sleep. I am so glad, I took that first step to call her. I am now so much more focused and productive in my daily life."​

Shawnda P. 40 (Pecos, TX)

Meet America


I love human development, health and wellness! After many years of suffering with digestive issues and not knowing exactly how to help myself, it was then that I realized I wanted more out of my career and life. So, on a quest to feel better mentally and physically, I parted ways with my old career. Through my journey, I regained my health and deepened my passion for health and wellness.

My approach to your tailored optimal wellness journey includes services such as nutritional counseling, hormone and digestive health management, grocery tours, and more.